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7 Types of Social Media posts and their descriptions

Updated: Sep 14

Are you completely new to the world of social media? Or are you just overwhelmed and looking for a quick refresher? Either way we got your back. Here's a super short cheat sheet for your reference on the types of Social Media Posts.

person using smart phone to take a photo of their food on a table
Instagram Food Post


These are posts that contain only text, such as updates, questions, or quotes.


These posts contain an image or photo, with or without text. They are great for catching people's attention and conveying a message quickly.


Video posts can be live or pre-recorded, and they are great for providing a more immersive experience than text or image-based posts.


These types of posts can be interactive and engaging, asking users to provide their opinions or test their knowledge.


These are posts created by other users, such as reviews, testimonials, or photos shared by customers.


These are posts paid for by a company or brand to promote a product or service. They may include text, images, video, or other types of content.

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